Bansner ultimate custom sheep rifle

sheep hunting rifle for sale

For Sale:
Built specifically for Sheep Hunting, light weight, weather elements resistant, deadly accurate! Very light use, excellent condition!

Bansner ultimate custom sheep rifle, rebarreled by well known gun maker, Bobby Hart and chambered in 30 Hart. Shoots 1/2″ groups. 180 gr bullets at 3300fps.

Included: 60 loaded rounds of ammo

7lbs with scope. 4.5×14 leupold


70 Winchester in 416 rem

70 Winchester in 416 rem for sale

70 Winchester in 416 rem with additional $1000 of custom work by Answer products with 9 boxes of ammo. 350gr-400 gr. included.

Price $5500.00.

Used in Africa on one safari, very good condition.