Dan Wyant Adventures is a Hunting Consultant and Booking Agency connecting hunters with some of the top hunting and fishing destinations in existence for now over 30 years, helping to create great memories for a lifetime. I always strive to provide the hunter with a very valuable independent representation of each outfitter and the destination to help meet the hunter’s goals and expectations based on years of established relationships and client history through a deep extensive network of hunting contacts.

I am personally traveling and hunting many camps and destinations to establish and maintain relationships within my collective network of outfitters.
Timing is just one of the many crucial factors on any hunting trip for many underlying reasons the client may not be aware of or consider. My history and developed insights with the destinations and hunting trips I represent is usually a great value and benefit to the hunting client, my very business for 30 years.

The personalized assistance can extend to help the client with travel plans, licensing and tags, in some cases recommended hotels, coordination with the outfitter and post hunt trophy handling. A great value considering my Consulting and Hunt Booking reservations are of no additional cost to the hunter.

The following is a listing and brief description of some of the many hunts offered by Dan Wyant Adventures.

Price : $4,250.00 plus 5% GST and License $332.00

This is one of the ” highest quality ” free ranging Elk hunts in all of North America. The remote wilderness camps are located in the main migration route for Elk moving from the southeast corner of Yellowstone Park to their winter range. The late season is November 1 through 15, bulls in the 360 – 380 range are consistently harvested but hunters usually need around 10 Preference Points to draw the tag for this Unit or purchase a Commissioner Tag auctioned off each year and sell for $15,000.00 to $20,000.00.

Price : $10,500.00 ( Outfitter Fee ) Guided one on one

Highly successful five day Mt. Lion hunt targeting LARGE TOMS, meals and lodging included. License and tag are in addition to the actual hunt price.

Hunt Price : $6,500.00, Non-resident license $154.75, Non-Resident Mountain Lion Tag — $186.00, Depredation Fee — $10.00


Hunt with ether firearm or bow on this very exciting ” spot & stalk ” Six Day hunt from a fully equipped tent camp with excellent in the field home cooked meals. Hunts are guided by professionals with years of experience, weather not interfering, it is not unusual to see numerous bears each day and in varying color phases.

Price: $4,500.00 Guided 1 on 1 or $3,750.00 Guided 2 on 1

Offering a five day rifle Elk hunt in southeast Wyoming, based from a comfortable ranch house with a detached, separate six person modern guest cabin with all amenities. Hunts on the approximate 10,000 acre private ranch and surrounding BLM land are limited to just 8 hunters per year to maintain the Elk quantity and quality, commencing opening day, October 15 each year. These hunts are guided 2 on 1, typically offering a great opportunity for a bull elk in the 275 to 320 B&C range. This hunt includes pick up and return from Laramie Airport if needed, accommodations, meals, guide and field trophy care. The Wyoming Elk tags are issued on a draw but when client applicants follow the ” advised ” procedure to apply for the Elk tag, clients have been 100% successful drawing tags. This hunt is currently booked through the 2022 season but it is not too early to book the 2023 season with a 25 % deposit, the hunt price is locked in.

Price: $5,600.00 per hunter

This 10 day  Dall Sheep is based and commences from the main lodge where guide and hunter are supplied with necessary gear and supplies  are flown out  to the location deep in the Talkeetna Mountains. This hunt is a backpack hunt, physically demanding, most hunting days are spent covering several miles of mountainous country, hunters need to be in top condition both physically and mentally.


Price : $22,500.00 Guided 1 on 1

The high population of Grizzlies in this Alaska  Unit of 13E, in the Talkeetna Mountains, by law allows for year around Grizzly hunting, no closed season. This 10 day hunt guided 1 on 1 is based from the main lodge or most typically, outpost cabins. The offered hunts begin in June when until June 30th, baiting of bears is legal. During the month of June, a combination of both spot and stalk and the bait hunting are used.

The Grizzly hunting shifts to the Salmon run streams around the middle of July into early August. The late period offering Grizzly hunts consists of sitting on the carcasses of the  Moose and Caribou harvested during the appropriate seasons, Caribou begins August 10th, Moose August 25th.

All approaches are very successful, dependent on the hunter’s preference.


Price $16,500 Guided 1 on 1

This outfitter’s area located on the  the Alaska Peninsula is well known for some of the largest brown bears taken anywhere from 8 1/2 ‘ to over 10’ with  an extensive history of conducting these hunts for over 25 years. Hunts are guided 1 on 1 and often two guides per hunter. A seven day hunt, flights from Anchorage to Sandy River not included. . Springtime hunts are in  the even years May 2018, fall hunts in odd years October 2019.

Price: $24,500.00 per person

These five-day spring hunts, Monday through Friday begin in early May and continue into mid-June,  with either gun or bow. Hunting is typically from stand locations over active baits, usually providing hunters opportunities for long-haired, heavy, under matted spring bears just out of hibernation. The camp is operated by a very knowledgeable outfitter and his wife with a lifetime of experience of guiding Black Bear hunters. Comfortable separate cabin accommodations, meals, 3 hunters per Guide and Trophy Care.


Price: $2,750.00 per person

The excitement is in the air during this traditional wilderness rifle hunt from horseback in the scenic and picturesque mountains of southern British Columbia. The seven day hunts begin in the early fall season, typically around September 9th and are conducted  from outpost cabins for 6 point ( one side )  or better Elk , a Mule Deer is included at no additional charge other than the purchase of the tag. The outfitter picks the hunters up in Cranbrook for the two hour drive to the Lodge an area with a variety of big game animals in addition to the elk and deer. This hunt can be guided 1 hunter per guide or 2 hunters per guide. Lodge and or outpost cabin accommodations, meals, guide and trophy care included. The license and tags are purchased over the counter, no draw.


Price : One hunter per guide $7,000.00 Two hunters per guide $6,500.00

This seven day hunt is offered in time frames from September 1st through October 31st in the beautiful  Coast Mountains of southern British Columbia,  just a few hours north of the city of Vancouver, where the hunters are picked up from the Vancouver Airport and driven to camp. This outfitter is a small personable operation and has been 100% on Mt. Goats the last 10 years, a mule deer or black bear may be added for a trophy fee. Hunts are guided 1 on 1, accommodations, meals, transportation during the hunt and trophy care included.

License and tag  available over the counter,  booking now for  2019 and 2020.


Price : $12,500.00 per person

Hunters are picked up from and returned to the Calgary Airport, the brush country and foothills south of Calgary, combined with cropland offer excellent habitat for the large mule deer population in this outfitter’s area. This spot and stalk style 6 day archery hunt begins in September and offers plenty of excitement, providing stalking opportunities on trophy mule deer bucks 150 to 180 P&Y on average, with larger bucks taken every year. The hunt begins with extensive glassing at day break to locate these monster Mule Deer bucks feeding, eventually making their way to their bedding area. Once bedded, the stalking begins using the wind to gain comfortable shooting distance. Adrenaline rush from beginning until end !

Hosted by a very experienced, enthusiastic, driven for success and accommodating outfitter, accommodations, meals and trophy care included.


Price : $6,000 Guided 1 on 1, License $375

If a really big, top end Mt. Lion is your goal, this adventurous ten day hunt produces some of the largest Mt. Lions found anywhere. The very limited resident tag quota allows cats to reach maturity, producing B&C class toms every year. This outfitter has entered 3 cougars in the last 2 years  in to Boone and Crockett’s all time record book with skulls exceeding  15”. Two guides and a pack of hounds working together for one hunter with a history of excellent results. Booking now for January of 2020 and beyond.


Price : $13,000.00

20,000 acres of privately leased farmland managed for trophy whitetails offers a great opportunity to take a mature buck with the rifle. The state of Missouri several years ago implemented a four point minimum on one side for a buck to be legal during rifle season and in past years this ruling is paying dividends. Five day hunts either Nov 15 – 19 or 21-25. From ladder stands, ground blinds and treestands positioned to take advantage of food plots, funnels, ridges and thickets. Comfortable 11 bedroom lodge with 9 bathrooms, meals, guide and trophy care included.

Price : $3,800.00 per person

Outfitting for over 30 years, this outfitter offers hunts for Mule Deer and Antelope conducted on 8 private ranches under outfitter lease in eastern Montana varying in size from 10,000 to 43,000 acres. The topography varies from river bottoms, rough badlands, hay meadows as well as high ridges providing excellent lookout locations. Mule Deer hunters can typically see on average 75 to 100 deer per day including 10 – 15 bucks. The hunters are prepared for the hunting day with a cooler lunch, guide and hunters travel to the hunting areas by 4 wheel drive trucks/ Suburbans with as much hiking as desired.
Mule Deer bucks average in the 160 to 180 B&C , hunts are 5 days guided 2 on 1 based from a 4 bedroom ranch house style accommodations, home cooked meals served family style.

Price : $5,150.00 per hunter 

This outfitter’s expansive area in game rich northeast Nebraska,near the historic Lewis & Clark Expedition Trail along the Missouri River is a great deer hunting destination with a high population of whitetail deer and a percentage of mule deer, hunting  over 16,000 acres of privately owned ranchland, semi-open cedar clump ridges with stands of hardwoods and river bottoms mixed with cropland. This is a rifle hunt and can offer long distant shooting opportunities for those who enjoy deer hunting with a rifle. Preset stand locations, ground blinds. shooting houses and tree stands  all contribute to the overall hunter success.  This hunt offers a very good opportunity for a 125 – 145 class buck on average with  larger taken every year. Spacious, comfortable farmhouse accommodations, clean, warm and spacious, meals and guide included.  The harvested deer are skinned and prepared for the trip home.


Price : $2,500.00 Five Day archery | $3000.00 Four Day Rifle

Second Buck may be added for $750.00 Trophy Fee

These archery hunts are conducted in the primitive weapons unit 15 and offer a great opportunity for a trophy bull, by a combination of bugling, spot and stalk and sitting wallow holes. Hunts are typically guided two on one or one on one by guides with many years of experience. The license is issued by state lottery drawing or by purchasing a landowner tag at market price.

Price: $3,250.00 Six Days | $4,250.00 Nine Days | $5,250.00 Fourteen Days

Hunting 19,000 acres, a mixture of hills , timber and alfalfa fields with additional food plots. These six day ” fair chase ”  hunts are geared to the serious bowhunter interested in taking a mature whitetail buck that could score from 140 to over the B&C minimum. A true Midwest trophy whitetail hunting operation, genetics, year around feeding program, food plots and agricultural fields all contribute to the heavy antlered, large body bucks indigenous to this area.

Lodge is brand new, spacious, comfortable and super clean with a separate changing locker  room for scent control, designed and maintained for the serious bowhunter.

Six day hunts begin late October and run through mid-November.

Price: $3,250.00 per person

Each autumn the cool crisp air changes the north Maine woods to the brilliant fall colors and creates  the setting for this exciting and challenging hunt for grouse and woodcock. Hunts are based from a comfortable and rustic lodge, home cooked meals and bag lunch. Bring your own dog or hire a guide with a dog.

Price: $395.00 per person – three days $650.00 for the week + tax

This outfitter’s area of northern British Columbia is accessed through Juneau, Alaska by chartered bush plane. Located in the very far north of British Columbia, the Moose in this area are some of the largest of the Boone & Crockett, Canada Moose classification. The remoteness of this outfitter’s area is certainly a factor in the overall success in harvesting trophy class moose. Hunting is from well equipped cabins or wall tents in a wilderness setting, from horseback and by backpack. Moose may be hunted with either gun or bow, usually taking advantage of the Moose rut activity for calling and close range shooting. This outfitter is recognized in the hunting industry and his peers as one of the best in the business, I have been booking hunters with him for nearly  twenty  years.

Price: $13,900.00 ten days of hunting – twelve days overall with travel- guided 1 on 1

This outfitter’s northern British Columbia area is accessed through Whitehorse, Yukon. The base camp cabins are located lakeside, once in camp, the majority of the traveling is done by boat, glassing the high mountain ledges and valleys for Mt. Goats. A stalk and plan is developed once a trophy Billy is located in this beautiful mountainous area boasting a large Mt. Goat population.

Price: $12,500.00 Guided 1 on 1

Unlike a majority of Alberta Black Bear hunts, this is a “ spot and stalk “ hunt, 8 days, with either gun or bow. Bears range in color from black, to brown, to blonde and typically have long heavy coats from hibernation. Meals, accommodations, pick up and return from Calgary, Alberta Airport Plus 5% GST tax and $320.00 for license and tag. Dates: May 5 to 14 or May 14 to 23.

Price: $3900.00 Guided 2 on 1 or $5400.00 Guided 1 on 1

A late season mountain tent camp reached by horseback is the base to glass the benches and pockets of the high mountain alpine basins for heavy horned mountain Mule Deer Bucks. The tent camps are complete with bunks or cots with sleeping pads, wood stoves and all meals.

Price: $4,500.00 Guided 1 on 1, $3,500.00 Guided 2 on 1. License over the counter. Non Resident Hunting License $154.75, Deer Tag $301.75

Hunters are greeted and picked up at the Prince George, BRITISH COLUMBIA airport for the exciting 6 day hunt based from the outfitter’s comfortable home with all amenities. The outfitter supplies all the necessary equipment, including the highly experienced and eager pack of hounds for the pursuit. A 100 % success rate is the standard, taking advantage of winter hunting conditions.

A wolf hunt may be added to this six day hunt when success comes early with the Lynx, as it often does.

Normally guided one on one but two on one can be arranged, price includes license, tags and tax.

PRICE: $5,800.00 guided one on one

Southern Alberta has become a very popular go-to destination for big trophy Mule Deer in recent years. Hunting in the rolling foothills and privately owned expansive ranchland country of Alberta, this rifle trophy mule deer hunt is conducted using spotting scopes and glassing for big mature Mulies. The combination of cropland and rolling foothills and a limited tag draw for residents provides excellent habitat for the large Mule Deer population as well as the trophy quality of mature bucks. This outfitter is dedicated to the hunter’s overall enjoyment and success on this hunt.. Airport pick up and return, accommodations, meals, two on one guide service included.


Price: Guided 2 on 1 $7,000.00 Guided 1 on 1 additional $2,000.00

The beautiful and scenic green valleys within the snow covered peaks of the Coast Mountain range of southern British Columbia is the setting for this exciting spring black bear hunt offering color phase bears and all spot and stalk hunting opportunities. This outfitter uses 4 x 4’s and ATV’s as well as hiking using either gun or bow. The experienced guides are skilled in recognizing the large trophy caliber bears in their usual springtime rut activity, roaming of the mountain sides. The high mountain meadows and greened up slides attract early spring bear activity providing stalking opportunities. Large boar Black Bears in the 350 – 500 lb class and larger are the target bears on this hunt. The spring bears from this area offer some of the best prime long haired bears found anywhere. Commercial Airline Flights to destination airport of Vancouver where hunters are picked up, no extra expense of charter flights required. Meals, accommodations, guide and trophy care included.

Price : $5,000.00 guided 1 on 1 $4,000.00 guided 2 on 1

A scheduled seven day hunt guided one on one with time frames beginning the first of December and running into early March. The outfitter himself is the guide, considered in many circles the best Mt. Lion outfitter in Wyoming, using his own hounds and bringing over 30 years experience to the hunt. A very exciting and successful hunt. Uses pickup trucks, snowmobiles or ATV’s which allow this hunt to possible for older clients by minimizing physical demands. Hunt with either gun or bow. December clients stay at the ranch house, meals and accommodations are provided and included. Hunts offered after New Years day at a slightly reduced cost, hunts are conducted on a traveling circuit, staying at motels, hunter is responsible for motel rooms.


Price : $5,500.00 guided 1 on 1

This three day hunt is a great “ out west “ experience, ideal for father / son or daughter , husband / wife or anyone seeking a western experience in the prairie country! The host is a full time, professional, big game outfitter and his wife, both very accommodating and welcoming of guests. Past hunters comment, they treated us like family, many of whom return to hunt another species. This hunt should be set up 1 1/2 years in advance to take advantage of the preference point purchasing period for license application.

Price : $2,400.00 guided 2 on 1

Offering large black bears just out of hibernation, prime, long haired, winter hides, in color phases of black, cinnamon and blonde. Hunts are from treestands over baits that are positioned in the late winter with a snowmobile which provides an early and frequent food source for bears becoming active in the spring. Fishing for northern pike and walleyes available for the mornings, boats, motors and gas supplied, no extra charge! Accommodations, meals, guide and trophy care included, overall a lot to offer at a very good price!

Price: $3,450.00 per person

This hunt offers a great opportunity for a bull elk from the primitive weapons zone of New Mexico in either the early October season or mid-November. The opportunity at a 300 B&C plus bull is a very real possibility on this hunt. Accommodations, meals, guide and trophy care included.

Price: $5,000.00 per person / $4,250.00 Guided 2 on 1

Hunting is based from a 38 foot boat cruising the coastline for Blacktail sightings and hunting opportunities using the skiff to approach shoreline to hunt. Top Blacktail trophies are the goal and this outfitter is a past recipient of awards for his hunters harvesting the best animal.

Price: $3,300.00 per person

Pick up in Johannesburg, three hour drive to the hunting lodge included. 7 days, 6 nights, and 5 full days of hunting. Guests enjoy the full service experience of hunting South Africa, a Professional Hunter, fully-equipped hunting vehicles, qualified trackers and skinners, comfortable personal cottage accommodations, laundry service,  all meals, and beverages.

Special 2018 Package Bow or Rifle Hunters

1 Professional Hunter on 1 hunter  $4,950.00

Animals included: Eland Bull, Kudu Bull, Blue Wildebeest, Warthog, Impala Ram

This 6 day hunt is over the outfitters expansive use area of 80,000 acres. With the implementation of a 140 B&C minimum, hunters have experienced an exceptional 80 % success rate on mature bucks exceeding the 140 B&C, the best buck of 2018 was just under 200 B&C. Maintaining over 70 stand sites with trail cameras monitoring beginning in June to watch antler growth and develop ” target ” bucks for the eventual arrival of the clients in November. This outfitter utilizes king range model tree stands and red neck manufactured ground blinds for safe and comfortable stand conditions. Stand locations are on baited sites. Meals, accommodations, trophy care, trophy recovery and removal included.

Pick up and return from Saskatoon Airport included.

A second buck may be pursued ( Whitetail or Mule Deer ) with an additional tag and a per day fee of $300.00 per day or a $1,500.00 trophy fee upon harvest.

Price : $5,000.00 per person

This very successful outfitter hunting free ranging animals is located on 200,000 acres of Namib Desert plains. This 5 day hunt includes lodging, meals, trophy care, hunting vehicles and a licensed professional hunter. The “first timer” hunt includes Gemsbok, Springbok, Warthog, Baboon, and Jackal. Extra days and animals can be added for an additional cost.


Price: $3,990 per hunter.

Offering fair chase hunting opportunities for Himalayan Tahr and Chamois on a trophy fee basis in conjunction with the reasonable  daily rate of $475.00 per day. Pick up and return from Christchurch Airport included as well as Lodge accommodations, meals, guide and trophy care.

Trophy Fee Schedule : Bull Tahr $3,200.00


Other Trophies offered Red Stag, Elk / Wapiti , Fallow Buck, Sika Deer, Rusa Deer

A five day rifle deer hunt typically guided two on one, hunting both the outfitter’s approximate 10,000 acre private ranch and surrounding BLM land in southeastern Wyoming. This traditionally, very successful deer hunt conducted each year, the first five days of the season, October 1 through 5 usually harvesting Mule Deer bucks in the 155 to 175 B&C range with larger at times. This hunt includes pick up and return from the Laramie Airport if needed, accommodations, meals, guide and field trophy care. This is more than a deer hunt, past hunters rave about the overall experience, the area, the guide’s family effort, the additional Big Game animals in this area, included Elk, Moose, Antelope, Mule Deer, Whitetail and additional small game animals.

Only 8 deer hunters per year keeps the trophy quality high but also this hunt in demand.

We are currently booking the 2021 season, planning this hunt over one year in advance is highly recommended, the purchase of one “Preference Point ” is necessary.

Price : $4,800.00 per hunter

This very exciting hunt, for many hunters a lifelong dream hunt and ” bucket list ” ambition is conducted in the true mountain wilderness experience of remote Alaska gives the hunter the opportunity to hunt the huge Alaska- Yukon Bull moose with antler spreads at times exceeding 70 !! Past clients have experienced a very high success rate of both opportunity and harvest during this ten day hunt guided one on one in either Unit 14B ( over the counter ) or 13E ( Draw ) commencing the last week of August into late September. In the 2017 season, the overall # 1 Alaska B&C bull Moose with an antler spread exceeding 70 inches came from this operation. The starting point for these hunts is a very comfortable lodge with all amenities, where the hunter and guide are flown out by Super Cub to a fully equipped tent camp located in the traditional Moose travel corridors.
Limited space each year, book early !!

Price : $24,500.00 per hunter

A ten day hunt scheduled in the latter half of October commencing from a mountain tent camp, guided 1 on 1 with an extra spotter. The base camp is traditionally set at the 5,000 ft or so elevation and hunting into the 7,000 and 8,000 elevations. A small outfitter operation, providing personalized attention to each hunter. There were 21 ” different ” rams spotted during this past season’s hunt.

Price: $22,500.00 with a $5,000.00 trophy fee

NEWFOUNDLAND – ( Moose ) Regarded by many as the best ” Trophy ” Moose hunt in Newfoundland, conducted from a comfortable wall tent camp, complete with hot showers and a kitchen tent located in the remote mountain wilderness accessed by Helicopter, far away from the other camps and road hunters. As reported by past hunters, sightings of 20 or more Moose a day is average, the hunt is six days in duration, guided two on one, once the Moose is harvested, the helicopter transports the skinned and quartered animal back to camp eventually delivering it to the butcher shop in town.

Bull Moose with a 40″ spread and better are the target animals on this hunt, with a couple harvested normally every season exceeding 50″. Well managed and staffed with hunter satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Price : $9,875.00 per hunter

COLORADO – Velvet bull Elk hunts offered beginning with early season private land hunts with vouchers in July continuing into August and September with limited private land hunts. As available 1st rifle hunts in October on both private land ( Has been 100 % license drawing ) and wilderness guided hunts. November private land rifle Elk hunts also available on a very limited basis.
This outfitter has been in business for over 25 years, his hunters have killed over 1,000 Elk , most bulls are 5 x 5’s or 6 x 6 ‘s scoring between 240 and 270, the bigger bulls will score 300 to 394, obviously not every hunter is going to shoot the big bull scoring into the 300’s and not every hunter has that goal, it is hunting. Past success on the private land hunts is over 80% and usually 50 – 60 % success on the wilderness hunts, most everyone sees a bull Elk within shooting range, from there it is up to the hunter.
General hunting area is south central Colorado.

Prices vary with camp: Private Land Velvet Hunts $5,950.00 Private Land Draw Tag $4,950.00 Wilderness Archery guided $4,500.00