Alaska – Moose

Price: $28,000.00 per hunter 10 Days Guided 1 on 1 — Alaska / Yukon Moose inclusive from the Lodge to the field, typically tent accommodations, meals, guide and removal of all moose meat , cape and antlers from the field by camp packers. Super Cub Flights from the Lodge to the camp site included. This is the ” real deal ” the ultimate Alaska experience, hunting the mountains, river drainages, bogs, marshes for the huge Alaska Moose with minimum antler spreads of 50″ ranging to the unbelievable widths at times exceeding 70″!



This very exciting hunt and for many hunters a lifelong dream hunt and one of those ” bucket list ” ambitions is conducted in the true mountain wilderness experience of remote Alaska gives the hunter the opportunity to hunt the huge Alaska- Yukon Bull moose with antler spreads at times exceeding 70 !! Past clients have experienced a very high success rate of both opportunity and harvest during this ten day hunt guided one on one in either Unit 14B ( over the counter license ) or 13E ( Draw ) commencing the last week of August into late September. The starting point for these hunts is a very comfortable lakeside lodge nestled in the Talkeetna Mountains with all amenities, including radiant heat and Wi Fi , where the hunter and guide are flown out by Super Cub to a fully equipped tent camp located in the traditional Moose travel corridors.
Limited space each year, book early !!
This hunt may be upgraded to a Moose / Grizzly hunt with additional animals of opportunity of Wolf, Black Bear and Wolverine with required tags.

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