British Columbia – Moose, Mt. Goat, Mt. Caribou

Price: $13,900.00 ten days of hunting – twelve days overall with travel- guided 1 on 1

This outfitter’s area of northern British Columbia is accessed through Juneau, Alaska by chartered bush plane. Located in the very far north of British Columbia, the Moose in this area are some of the largest of the Boone & Crockett, Canada Moose classification. The remoteness of this outfitter’s area is certainly a factor in the overall success in harvesting trophy class moose. Hunting is from well equipped cabins or wall tents in a wilderness setting, from horseback and by backpack. Moose may be hunted with either gun or bow, usually taking advantage of the Moose rut activity for calling and close range shooting. This outfitter is recognized in the hunting industry and his peers as one of the best in the business, I have been booking hunters with him for nearly twenty years.

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