Newfoundland – Trophy Moose

Price: We are currently booking this very popular and very successful 6 day Moose hunt with just a 30% initial deposit  for the 2026 season with the Moose hunting license included at $12,500.00 plus tax of which 50% of the tax is refundable post hunt when filing the paperwork. This hunt is guided two on one.  Black Bear License extra and can be harvested on a trophy fee basis. available. 

NEWFOUNDLAND – ( Moose ) With the bar set at “40” inch Bulls and better, this six day Moose hunt is regarded by many as the best ” Trophy ” Moose hunt in Newfoundland, conducted from a comfortable wall tent camp, complete with hot showers and a kitchen tent located in the remote beautiful high mountain wilderness accessed only by Helicopter, far away from any other camps and the road hunters. This outfitter’s area is bordered in part by the expansive Gros Morne National Park where no hunting is allowed, consequently mature Moose roam naturally from the park into the outfitter’s large mountain hunting concession area.
As reported by past hunters and experienced personally, sightings of 20 or more Moose a day is not uncommon but average, ( not ” shooter bulls but total moose ) the hunt is six days in duration, typically guided two on one. Once the Moose is harvested, the helicopter transports the skinned and quartered animal back to camp and on to the butcher shop in Deer Lake for processing to the hunter’s preferences. The meat, antlers and cape are usually shipped out by refrigerated truck at a later date, leaving the hunter free to travel home without dealing with the meat. Unless the hunter drives to Deer Lake, in which case he can transport the back home with him.

This hunt is well managed, organized and staffed with hunter satisfaction as the ultimate goal. If you are looking for a Newfoundland Moose hunt at it’s best, this is it !!

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